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  • ISBN: 978 1 909902 503
  • Date of publication: 2014
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by Michelle Path

Our Rating:

When Xalien's spaceship crashes to Earth, she is befriended by three children. Jessica, Adam and Sarah take her to the fair and Xalien learns their stragne ways, as well as teaching the children about life on her planet.

Xalien's adventure will entertain and educate children, showing them the value of friendship, tolerance and shared experiences.

This is the story of Xalien the Purple Alien, crash landing on Earth in her space ship and how with the help fo Sarah, Jessica and Adam she gets to explore her surroundings whilst waiting to be rescued (Alien mechanics if you don't mind)

I would place this book in the early school age reader category, not too  long and not too short. I did try to read it with Wonderkid but it was a little ahead of his 4 years in terms of length but he did love the idea of learning to eat fairy floss.

Xalien is adorable in her gogo dancer disguise and I love the line "Good night, don't let the stars bite." Only Xalien would know, but do you think they might bite? :)

The illustrations by Charlotte Roberts are lovely. Xalien is definitely a cute looking alien and help bring her misadventures to life.

The font changing in size helps with the emaphasis should you be reading this to a child but this is a great book for any little stargazer. The first in a series set to please.

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