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AmReading Reviews

by Sarah J Maas

Our Rating:

Meet Celaena Sardothien.

Beautiful. Deadly. Destined for greatness.

In a land without magic, where the king rules with an iron hand, Celaena, an assassin, is summoned to the castle. She comes not to kill the king, but to win her freedom. If she defeats twenty-three killers, thieves, and warriors in a competition, she is released from prison to serve as the king’s champion. 

The Crown Prince will provoke her. The Captain of the Guard will protect her. But something evil dwells in the castle of glass—and it’s there to kill. When her competitors start dying one by one, Celaena’s fight for freedom becomes a fight for survival, and a desperate quest to root out the evil before it destroys her world.

No doubt about it, I have dropped off the face of the earth these last 2 months and partly this series (Throne of Glass) is to blame.  I didn’t expect to but I fell in love with this book. I was recommended it by a girlfriend of mine given my recent dalliance with Young Adult fiction and I thought “sure, why not. Light holiday reading.”

It is no secret that I like a strong female lead character in books and Celaena is a candidate. She has had a tough life, dead parents, homeless, sent to prison, raised by a man who believed in being cruel to be kind. No wonder she became the assassin.

The first in the series (5th one coming this year) this is a bit of her back story and where we get to know Dorian (the future king). Do we like him? What about Chaol Westfall? (He’s my favourite, just so good) but ultimately you want something good to happen for Celeana…finally.

Its brutal, cheeky, sad but mostly violent so not a book for the young young adult I would say. If you have space in your reading calendar, I suggest you give this series a go. I can’t wait for book 5 and will definitely write a review about all 5 books at the end of it.

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