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  • ISBN: 978-1542844871
  • Date of publication: 2017
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by Jade Harley

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A young girl goes on a breathtaking adventure to save her hometown and discovers there is more magic in the world than she ever could have imagined.

Lola is thirteen and can feel her desire for adventure overpowering her desire to fit in. With her wild imagination, Lola frequently finds herself in trouble, both at school and at home.

Sporting black combat boots and a habit for speaking her mind, Lola has learned you often have to ruffle a few feathers to get things done in life. When she overhears the Headmaster of her school talking about a potential disaster, Lola and her friends are determined to get to the bottom of things.

As Lola's fearless journey results in confronting the King and unearthing a conspiracy that runs far deeper than she could have imagined, Lola also begins to discover her own abilities... gifts that are surprising and powerful.

The Adventures of Lola is an enchanting and thrilling adventure following the journey of a girl who refuses to back down - on who just might save the day.

This week I had the pleasure of reading The Adventures of Lola by new author Jade Harley. I was considering reading it with Wonderkid but at 140 pages it is a little too long for his 4 year old patience unless Jade was willing to wait a month for the review :)

So I decided to go on without him and it was a pleasure. If I was a 7-11 year old girl again I would have treasured this book. Lola is tough and determined and a tree fairy to boot! It was a great little book to escape to, finding out about her exploits.

My favourite character is Katia and I would have loved a coloured picture of her in the book scattered amongst the other great little drawings. I do find that drawings inside an older children's book really helps to tell the story (just like my obsession for maps at the start of fantasy books!) OOh note to Jade, an awesome inside front cover map of the home town would be great.

The story follows Lola as she uncovers a disasterouse event that occurred decades ago that has been covered up by the older people of the town including the royal family. No one will talk about it, all news from that time has been removed and it is only the secretive new teacher and school Headmaster that give Lola any idea that something bad might be about to happen all over again. With her friends Allie and Jet, she starts to find out small titbits of the truth and the impending new threat.  Together they hatch a plan to bring the important news to the King's attention but it backfires and we see how Lola deals with it.

Uncovering her previously unknown powers with the help of the AWESOME water fairies she learns alot about her self. That in turn gives her the courage to turn back to face the impending threat and perhaps help save the day.

Its a great little read for all young girls (and boys if they are like mine and love the idea of magic). Jade in her combat boots is a great role model, the Blue Mountains as the story backdrop is charming and I think the life of fairies is a great read for the imagination.

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