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  • ISBN: 9781409309499
  • Publisher: Ladybird Books
  • Date of publication: 2012
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Join Peppa and her family and friends in this brilliant adventure at Potato City, where the magic of vegetables never ends!

We are just starting the early reader phase of Superchild's life. He is 4, nearly 4 and a half and wants to get more involved in his books. So off to the library we went.

He pondered over the book selection and finally settled on this Peppa Pig picture book. I was a bit apprehensive given it was about a "vegetable" adventure park. I thought it would be filled with messages about Kids, eat your broccoli but it wasn't (thank goodness) otherwise it would have been a very short read indeed.

Peppa's Big Day Out is about Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Peppa and George going out for the day to Potato City. The pages are misshaped making it very easy for small hands to turn the pages, giving little sneak peaks at the next page in the story.

Superchild has read the book enough times now that he can recognise the word Pig throughout so we point to the word and he says it in time with the rest of the story telling.

The story is simple, the book is short but Superchild loved it. I think the love is tied up with the ability to read single syllable words but that makes me love the book even more.

We are returning the book to the library today and will find the next one, no doubt. I look forward to sharing my Harry Potter's and Eragon's in no time :)

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