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  • ISBN: 9781925384215
  • Publisher: Impact Press
  • Date of publication: 2017
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by Aaron Elias Brunsdon

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When Aaron meets Jayson Brunsdon, one of Australia's leading fashion figures, they both dream of becoming fathers one day - a difficult and risky prospect few same-sex couples at the time dare.

Together they build the Jayson Brunsdon brand from nothing into one of the most eponymous labels in Astralia, worn by Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts and Jennifer Hawkins. Jayson quickly rises to fame, survives cancer, and the label traverses the highs and lows of the fashion industry. They lose everything, and rebuild it all again.

In 2014, a story on 60 Minutes inspires them to take the plunge into parenthood via surrogacy - a controversial act in Australia, but a possibility in Thailand.

What follows is a challenging journey filled with hope, chaos and determination - reaching its peak when halfway through their pregnancy Thailand outlaws surrogacy, and Aaron and Jayson face the shaering prospec that they might not be able to bring their beautiful baby boy home, whilst being relentlessly hounded by the media.

Designer Baby is a heartwarming and inspiring personal story about the strength of family, the universal love of parents, and an uplifting reminder to neve rlose sight of your dreams.

A little outside my preferred genres, here was a book review I couldn't resist. A fascinating journal of surrogacy through the lens of gay parenthood. I am not 1. gay, 2. a man or 3. planning pregnancy via surrogacy but it was still a book I wanted to read.

Aaron and Jayson's path to parenthood makes for an interesting read. We are taken through the early years (when I think they would be ok with me saying, there was no time or space for babies) to the first date and relationship development of the duo. We get a glimpse in to gay nightclubs, Australian fashion and even a little bit about what it is like to be gay in Aus.

With the somewhat lofty dreams of parenthood through surrogacy based on the hope ensued from a chance 60 Minutes episode, we live their dream through the trials and ultimate success of the birth of baby Roman.

Being a mum myself, I found some of the story really tender around the families blessing and the birth. It was truly beautiful to read and even made me cry (not that hard because I am a softy but a nice touch). However there were some parts that were purely factual and lost me as I am not a gay man trying to conceive but I gave the book the benefit of the doubt. There were details I didn't need like the surnames of the people enlisted to help, the brands of the products or the names of the hotels but I put this down to the difference between the male and female brain.

I do love a book with pictures to help me visualise the story and the lovely family pics are a nice touch. What I would have loved is a photo of what sounds like the most devine child's nursery EVER but I can't have everything it seems.

For those of us that support a fair go for all, this is a book worth reading and a lovely story of how 2 became 3 against the odds. Congratulations to the Brunsdon's and all the best.

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