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[Definition: #AmReading - The person using this tag will tweet the book that they are currently reading.]

Am Reading is a book review blog based in Australia.  We love to read, we love a good blog and we understand the challenges faced by authors (particularly new authors) in getting their book out there and noticed. That is how Am Reading was born.

I run the show but there are a handful of reviewers that without them we wouldn’t have many blogs to post at all.

Want to submit your book for review? Read our review policy and if you fit within our guidelines by all means submit your book.  Our current genres of interest are: Travel Writing, Young Adult (YA), Children’s books, Chick literature/ Romance, Memoirs/Biographies, Crime, and Science Fiction/Fantasy.

Currently we aren’t interested in religion, sport, erotica or horror books.


Want to be a book reviewer with us? We will give you a short writing assignment to see what your writing style is like and ask you some questions about your reading interests. If you love reading and telling other people about what you read (being a fast reader does help but is not necessary) work well to deadlines and have the time you may just be the person for us. If you are offered a role as a book blogger there is no payment just the head start on other readers for new books coming out. We won’t overload you with assignments and you will work under a blogger name to keep your identity private.

**I would really love a mum of a little girl to compliment my "superchild" reviews. I do try to read princess and fairy books to him but he just won't listen**


Authors are welcome to contact us about an author interview because we do love to hear about the process of writing books. We will send you our questions for you to answer and we will let you know when it has been published on our site.

PR and Publicists are welcome to contact us also about new books/authors coming out. Please add us to your blogger mailing list!

Advertising space is available throughout our site. We abhor pop up ads so only banner ads are available.  We have packages available for short term book promotion or for advertisers looking to advertise in front of people who love books and love reading.

Lastly, our review opinions are our own and we review books honestly but with kindness.  Thanks for visiting our site, we hope you come back often.

Happy Reading!