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Recent Book Reviews

Designer Baby

A lovely story of how 2 became 3 against the odds.

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Xalien the Purple Alien

A great book for any little stargazer

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The Adventures of Lola

I think the life of fairies is a great read for the imagination

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Red Queen Trilogy

In my pursuit of books that take me away to a different world/time/place the ending has left me lost and so very full of unanswered questions.

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The Girls of Mischief Bay

I just knew this book would make me cry

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Throne of Glass

If you have a space in your reading calendar, I suggest you give this series a go

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Peppa's Big Day Out

The story is simple, the book is short but Superchild loved it.

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The Enchanted Island

If you like a little bit of mystery with your chick lit then I suggest you give The Enchanted Island a try.

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